I Just Got Home from New York

When I left I did not see any point in keeping my place, there was no point in paying rent on the place for almost three months while I was six hundred miles away. The bank was paying for me to stay up there, so it was a fairly good deal for me aside from being up there where I do not know anyone. I have been crashing with a college buddy since I got back, but he has not really been here. The guy does nothing except gamble on betting web sites and chase girls when he is down here. The last two weeks he has been up in Connecticut at a casino that they have there. Of course he is supposed to be working for one of his friends who is a musician, but mostly he plays poker and blackjack. It is a really confusing thing to me when he talks about it. He says the whole key is to always play against people who do not belong in the same game as you.

I do not really see how you do that. I have seen enough movies where the sucker turned out to be the shark. Of course the entire thing really centers how the cards come and who gets them. If the best player in the world gets four queens and the worst player gets four kings, then he is likely to bet everything that he has and lose. Of course that does not really count over the course of time I would suppose. The better player is going to be the better player over the course of time, so you just do not get too far out over your skis and you make sure that the chances that you take are good chances for you to take.